Ok, Where Is The Press?
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2018-03-14 07:51 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 459 references Ignore this thread
Ok, Where Is The Press?
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There's local coverage of this in Palm Beach but no national coverage I can find at all Not on Fox News, not on CNN, not on pMSNBC, not on CNBC, not on AP, not on Reuters, nowhere.

Why not?

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - A 17-year-old boy fatally stabbed another boy and wounded two others during a slumber party in a South Florida home, telling police he did it "because of his Muslim faith," Palm Beach Gardens police said.

Triple stabbing with one dead during a sleep-over; the deceased was there for his 13th birthday as a guest of the family.

The "kid" decided to wait until 4 in the morning "when everyone was asleep", he bought the knife earlier that day with the apparent intent to bring it to the sleepover and he intended to kill all three victims in their sleep.

He has stated his motivation was his Muslim faith as the others apparently thought idolizing famous people was ok, and he thought that was blasphemous enough to justify killing them.  Since he bought the knife before hearing the blasphemy that was just the "last straw"; the alleged perp clearly was motivated to kill before getting to the sleepover since he purchased the weapon in advance.

So here we are, in the same general area as Parkland, with a kid motivated by religious hatred, who bought a nice big fat knife and used it to commit murder.  Where are the calls to ban knives, restrict their purchase or possession for those under 21, to impose a 3-day waiting period for knife purchases and to ban Muslims?

Remember, only 0.0033%, approximately, of AR pattern rifles are ever used in a criminal manner.  Well, this appears to be statistically speaking of approximately the same risk -- nearly all people do not use knives in a criminal manner (including those under the age of 21) and, if we believe everyone who says so, neither do most Muslims commit crimes either.

But this 17 year old did both, motivated by religious animus.  He both used a knife to commit a horrific crime and he did so for religious reasons.  He bought the knife within 24 hours of using it to commit murder, so obviously a 3-day waiting period to buy a knife would have prevented the murder from taking place. If you had to be 21 to buy a knife, since this guy was 17, that would have prevented the murder as well (of course you must also believe he wouldn't steal one if he had been denied the purchase.)  And finally if we banned Muslims entirely we'd have also prevented the murder.

Statistically speaking if we are going to use Parkland and David Hogg as a model of what we should do in response we must ban knives from possession by or sale to those under 21, we must impose a 3 day waiting period to buy a knife at all and we must ban any teaching or adherence to the Muslim faith by those under 21 as well.

Right David?

After all, it's for the children, specifically the dead ones.

PS: Ok, now, hours later, Faux is running a story on it.  And note that once again, as in the case of Parkland, authorities had cause to file charges for the murderer's previous conduct but did not do so.  Once again it's the damned cops that didn't do their job that are directly responsible for the ability of the murderer to commit his crime -- not guns or knives, as those are inanimate objects that cannot form animus or commit negligent acts.  Yet once again there are no demands for immediate prosecution of said cops never mind stripping them of their salaries, pensions and benefits.  WHY NOT FOLKS -- THE COPS MALFEASANCE IS WHY THE DECEASED IS DEAD AND TWO OTHERS WERE NEARLY MURDERED!

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