Did Sheriff Israel WANT A Larger Body Count?
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2018-02-23 18:53 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 749 references Ignore this thread
Did Sheriff Israel WANT A Larger Body Count?
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So now we know.

Within hours of the Parkland shooting Sheriff Israel was on the bully pulpit screaming for gun control -- to thunderous applause.

This wasn't the first time.  He has before called for the same thing.

Well, now we find out that it wasn't one of his deputies that was a coward -- it was four.

They had a 4:1 tactical advantage and squandered it, allowing Cruz to murder all 17 of his victims without any effective response despite being armed and present.

The Coral Springs PD showed up and went into the building while the County Sheriff Deputies cowered behind their cars along with the deputy resource officer -- who hid behind hard cover outside.

So let's ask this "nice" question: Did Sheriff Israel want a maximum body count so he could push for more gun control?  And if not -- why is that four -- not one, four of his deputies hid instead of pressing their numerical advantage.

It's not yet known if Cruz was still inside the building at the time. But what we do know is that he was in there, and shooting for four minutes after the deputy resource officer decided to hide instead of go after him.

Were the other three there in time to stop at least some of the carnage -- had they gone in after him?

And why is it that we're talking "gun control" when the County Deputy Sheriffs are unwilling to use their firearms and superior training to interdict a mass shooter?

**** you Sheriff Israel.  You not only knew about this you tried to hide it and exploit these dead people for political purposes.

Where are the criminal charges against this assclown and his deputies that, it appears, deliberately ignored not only reports of Cruz's intent to commit mass homicide they also failed to arrest him after they got a report that he had committed a felony assault with a gun.

The latter was more than enough to charge him and lock him up standing alone and in fact it was the legal duty of the Sheriff's office to do so.

If you think the above is bad... don't read this.  You'll puke.

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