Oh, So It WAS Overlooked?
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2018-02-13 18:35 by Karl Denninger
in Federal Government , 248 references Ignore this thread
Oh, So It WAS Overlooked?
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The plot thickens....

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Tuesday that former White House staff secretary Rob Porter had completed a background check months before he was forced to resign over domestic allegations against him -- conflicting with White House timelines that said the check was ongoing.

So Wray has testified that the partial report was filed with the White House in March of last year, which would be reasonably prompt.  It's hard to believe there was nothing about the domestic abuse allegations in that report, incidentally -- assuming they were found somewhere in a court or police file. 

Further, in the case of a clearance investigation you are expected to list all of your significant personal contacts, past and present, which would certainly include your ex-wives who they will interview.  If you try to leave someone THAT significant out on purpose you won't get away with it either.

Wray also said there were two follow-ups -- one in November, and again recently.

He did not say what was in the follow-ups.

The problem is that the White House has said the investigation was not completed, implying they had no adverse information on which to make further inquiries or act.

So either that's a lie or the FBI director is lying under oath.

The Administration has claimed that The White House personnel security office had not finished their work, but that's not the question, really.  The question is whether or not the White House knew that Porter had stood accused of serious domestic violence which was not in the public sphere of knowledge and granted him access to sensitive information despite that.

This is the very sort of thing that is supposed to not happen for people with clearances.  The issue is not just whether you hit your wife (which is and darn well ought to be a factor anyway) -- it's whether you're trying to hide it as well and thus you could be blackmailed with that information.

The latter is the more-serious part of the problem from a national security point of view, and with good reason.  Being a jackass (maybe even a criminal jackass) is bad enough but being able to be blackmailed over that is extremely serious, especially when you're working with sensitive and classified information.  I note that Porter had an interim clearance and the White House appears to have taken no action to rescind or restrict it until he was fired.

That sounds ****ed up folks, and if the White House was shielding Porter they better have a damn good explanation for it.

No, "I'm President and I'll do what I damn well please" won't cut it.

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