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User Info Lock ZuckerPig Up (And Parents Too); entered at 2017-12-05 15:05:52
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Registered: 2007-06-26
Well I gotta say THIS.
How many of US here are Guilty as hell of the same thing?
Checking the Markekticker Or Any of your Favorite blogs or Forum board(s)?


How many of those SELECTIVELY profile you and then display content that said profile believes will make you feel good, bad, or whichever we want to do to get you to buy something? None -- but Facebook does, Instagram does, Google probably does and Snap, well, not yet but you bet they're trying to figure out HOW.

As you turn your *device* on seeing whats going on in the World, As confined to your ID Policies OR Politics..

Self-selection takes place in real life. Do you interact with screaming lunatics from the other side of your political calculus in a bar? Probably not.

But YOU are making that choice -- not being manipulated into a reinforcing loop as a means to get you to buy things and sell your data to some broker to do who-knows-what with it.

SECOND, you are an adult. YOU have the right to blow your own brains out if you wish, drink yourself to death, or walk in front of a train. Yes, people will tell you otherwise, but the facts say differently.

Now tell me -- does someone have the right to exploit your CHILD in this fashion? IF there, why not sex? Why isn't that fair game too? We call that "grooming" in the real world and it's a serious offense. The reason it's an offense is that we recognize that kids are incapable of processing this sort of thing objectively and thus are legally infirm in making the decision to do so on their own.

So why does Zuckerpig get to do this?

And more to the point, why did you just make an excuse for it?
2017-12-05 15:05:52