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User Info Lock ZuckerPig Up (And Parents Too); entered at 2017-12-05 14:42:18
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How much is this on parents? The comment about schools allowing/not allowing phones in school is somewhat of a joke. Parents need to have a spine on this **** too and enforce the usage policy with their kids. I hate the cop out of relying on the schools to set policy and police the kids.

I have 3 kids - 12, 16, 18 and simple rules for mobile phones and computer use. -No phone until you are 14.
-No social media apps until you are 17.
-Not to be used during school hours unless approved - the math class my oldest two have been in allow them to use their phone and some math related apps.
-No devices in your bedroom after dinner until breakfast - they go on the charger in the kitchen
-Password to your devices goes in a sealed envelope. As long as your phone is on our plan we get the password. If we crack the envelope they will know. I haven't had to open one yet.
-Car related - you do not touch the phone in the car other that for maps. You text when you leave/arrive. Don't want to do that check in? No car for you.
-Never, never, NEVER unlock your phone for any teacher, school administration or LEO. Ever. Passwords are never given to anybody, ever (other that my wife and I). If somebody wants to see what is on the device or any connected apps they need a warrant and they need to come through me.

My kids know that every now and then I casually ask if I can see their phone - and review all apps, texts, history, etc. I do this about every 3 months and have only had an issue once. It was a minor issue, got explained why it was an issue, corrected, and has not been an issue since.

Most parents are too busy trying to be buddies with their kids. They think that giving kids phones and apps and having them liked on Facebook will make them happy. I have seen too many kids doing very stupid stuff with their phones. There are enough good activities they can do that involve real social interaction. Build those skills and when you prove you can do that well then talk to me about social media.

When I was giving the privilege of driving it was more than just the behind the wheel instruction and passing my test. My dad made sure I knew how to handle various situations - flat tire, engine failure, etc. How to drive in the snow. How to handle driving with others in the car - how you become responsible for their safety and make sure they buckle up. He made sure I understood the economics - gas, maintenance, repair costs, etc - and the impact of these based on how I drive.

I think today's smartphone to a teenager is as big of deal as a car was 30 years ago when I first got one. They give them as much freedom as the car did back then. They also come with about the same level of responsibility. How can we expect kids to manage smartphones responsibly without the same level of rules, guidelines and supervision as car? This is why so many fall to the time suck and depression cycle that Facebook and others bring - they are not prepared to handle it.
2017-12-05 14:42:18