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User Info Who Wants To Take On The Home Automtn/Sec Market?; entered at 2017-11-09 08:52:36
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I did contemplate putting one of these in my Jetta before I gave it to my kid, tying it into the CCM and connecting a Canbus interface to it.

The problem is getting the protocol requirements to do useful things. Some of it you can hack but some is encrypted and getting it wrong can do bad things, and the manufacturers will NOT release the information to you even though you own the ****ing car.

Z-wave was sort of like this when I wrote HD-MCP; they have since cut the crap to a large degree and Zensys has released the protocol documentation but when I wrote originally they had not and wanted an NDA+money for it, so I decided to reverse-engineer it and stick the middle finger up. Leviton had years ago released a thing called the "RZCOP" which was really my key to being able to do it; it was a very simple (and quite limited) ASCII interface to Zwave and buggier than a roach motel, but it had the ability to send custom frames and there was *just enough* documentation on a few useful examples to be able to figure the framing out. My "first" home control software that I wrote (which was a set of "bolt-on" processes to a "core" manager process; very different design than HD-MCP today) knew how to talk to the RZCOP but the bugs in the interface were annoyingly ugly and the lack of support for many of the newer Zwave devices along with its inability to be a system master controller blew big ones.

The REALLY FUN part of getting this nailed down was reverse-engineering the correct framing and such to do "secure" (AES-encrypted) mode. That took a while. Of course if you want to control and monitor things like locks it's probably a good idea to do it encrypted.... smiley

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2017-11-09 08:52:36