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User Info Who Wants To Take On The Home Automtn/Sec Market?; entered at 2017-11-08 22:44:50
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Registered: 2011-04-08 Mass-Hole!
I'm not sure what the state of HomeAssistant is with it's zwave support, but I'm digging. The downside to anything open source is you're going to have to put a bunch of pieces together.

The upside is, no one can ever shut off your service (Cough Logitech Harmony Link Cough).

Anyone still buying into the cloud after NEST, Wink, and now Logitech Harmony Link needs to have their brains examined.

Karl, I'd love to take you up on the offer, but

A) my nut is being saved for a patch of acreage
B) I don't have the business acumen to pull it off and
C) Like you, I have no interest in trying to start a business and definitely no interest in going head to head against Google, Samsung and Apple.

2017-11-08 22:44:50