Time To Cut the Crap On Guns
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2017-11-07 09:22 by Karl Denninger
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Time To Cut the Crap On Guns
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I'm going to make this quite-clear -- just in case you haven't figured it out yet.

The US Military failed to adhere to the law and did not report a disqualifying conviction to the FBI, which would have prevented the Texas Church Shooter from buying firearms through legal channels.  That man cracked open the skull of his infant child and beat his wife severely enough that he was tried by court martial, sentenced to military prison and then expelled from the service with a Bad Conduct discharge.

Under the UCMJ the failure to report this to the FBI as required by military regulations and thus cause it to be entered into the NICS databases so civilian agencies have proper notice of a disqualifying criminal conviction is a clear breach of a duty, and that is an offense.

Every single person involved in that failure must stand for Courts Martial or equivalent military tribunal for said dereliction of duty and effectively be made to answer as accessories before the fact to the murders that man committed, and be punished as provided under the UCMJ, including imprisonment for same.

That's justice folks, and it had ******n better re-appear and be applied not only here but to myriad other scams and abuses including Comey and what we now know he drafted as his "findings" regarding Clinton, which used language that compelled him to issue a criminal referral for her violations of the law relating to classified information.

Now let me point out something else, since those on the left are again screaming about  "gun control" and "gun safety."

civilian, not a police officer, stopped this attack.  He did so by grabbing his rifle, an "evil" AR-15 the left wishes to ban, engaging the shooter.  He hit him twice and forced him to flee.  He then chased the shooter down at nearly 100mph in a car driven by a second civilian until the shooter crashed at which point the shooter committed suicide (to prevent apprehension, obviously.)

If we had no Second Amendment said civilian would not have had his rifle, which quite-clearly was not an "evil" gun, because only law-abiding people obey the law.  The shooter would still have had his guns because despite knowing he was a prohibited person he walked into gun stores and bought them anyway, committing federal criminal offenses by the mere act of purchasing them.  It is thus a fact that said shooter would have murdered more people before being stopped.

To those on the left who think the answer is more "gun restrictions" and "gun laws" you must answer to the above facts, including that the very gun most-desired to be banned was in fact the weapon an ordinary civilian used to stop the shooter.  To those facts I wish to add one more which nobody from the NRA will point out although they damn well should every single day the insane screaming harpies on the left wail their tales -- but I will.

There are well over 100 million lawful gun owners in America who have never been convicted of a crime more-serious than a speeding ticket.  It is without question that at least 1% of them will not be dispossessed of those firearms through any means while they are alive.

Those individuals view the Second Amendment as not just the highest law of the land but factually nothing more than recognition of a right that no government can grant because it never had it in the first place.

That is, they view the Second Amendment as the right to defend their own lives which exists by virtue of the fact that they're human and whether you believe God created humans or they evolved, the fact remains that as a human they claim a right to life and self-defense of that life against all who would unlawfully commit aggression toward them.

This is the very principle of unalienable rights that the Declaration of Independence put forward -- not a claim of rights from a government, not a grant of privilege, but as the very title states declaration of facts that predate government in all of its forms and cannot be arrogated away by anyone, including insane individuals on the political left who argue that they have the right to murder as they wish.

More than 200 years ago the signatories to the Declaration of Independence made these assertions and despite modern attempts to erase that fact a material percentage of the American population believes and is willing to defend with their lives the fact that rights do not flow from but may only be recognized by a government because no government can grant that which it does not first have.

So let me be clear and reduce all of the above to one sentence:

The only way you're going to get those people's firearms is to murder them first.

The question thus becomes very simple: Are you, on the left, willing to murder at least 1 million Americans?

This is a "yes" or "no" question and no mealy-mouthed crap will be accepted in response.

If you answer Yes then we know exactly what and who you are.  You are murderous terrorists, each and every one of you, and you all ought to be in GITMO.  You intend to bring down death upon those who claim a right to life and defense of same, supported by facts that predate any government.  You are not interested in "gun safety" and you most-certainly are not interested in "reducing" gun violence (or any other form of violence for that matter) because you have clearly stated your intent and willingness to commit at least one million acts of murder to obtain your political goals.

That's the question before you on the left whether you hold a political office or not.

The facts are that two law-abiding citizens, one with a car and one with a rifle, voluntarily joined together in a time of great need and stopped a nutjob who was in the middle of shooting up a church.  Those two citizens did what was necessary despite the risk of death to themselves after government officials failed to do their job through multiple acts of gross negligence and dereliction of duty.

These two citizens immediately took upon themselves the duty and risk of stopping a murderous jackass without being paid, without any special legal protections should they miss and hurt innocent people nor did they "up-armor" and cower in a stairwell for an hour first or wait until they could get an MRAP to where the shooting was taking place.

The good and decent people of this country will take out the trash when the government commits gross negligence irrespective of its scale.  We saw that in a Pennsylvania field on 9/11 where many citizens sacrificed their lives to prevent an aircraft from being used as a bomb after cock-sucking FBI dickheads willfully and intentionally ignored at least two highly credible reports of terrorists training on our soil for the attack that was to come.  This, compounded by the grossly negligent governor Bush's office of the Secretary of State in Florida which issued Driver Licenses to foreigners here on short-term visas, a ridiculous violation of both law and state policy, were just two of dozens of grossly negligent acts by dozens of government officials that would have stopped 9/11 in its tracks before it occurred.  I remind you the terrorists used those driver licenses to board the aircraft.

The persons who were grossly negligent within our state and federal governments who enabled and made that attack possible were never punished in any way and have never faced justice despite being accessories before the fact to 3,000 counts of murder.  Governor Bush, in point of fact, went on to attempt to run for President of the United States instead of being tied to the mast and held to answer for his Secretary of State's actions, for which he as the chief executive at the time was responsible.  Not one person within the FBI or Federal Government has similarly been held to account for their gross negligence.

Notwithstanding the repeated and outrageous gross negligence of those with a duty to serve the good and decent people of this nation have proved through multiple incidents that they will rise to the occasion when it is necessary, even at the cost of their own lives.  We do not need so-called "cops" to do so as was demonstrated both here and in the skies over Pennsylvania.  Cops still serve a useful purpose in cleaning up the mess, documenting what happened and, if perpetrators remain alive at the end of their crime sprees, delivering them to jails.  They, along with the rest of government, are arguably more like janitors than defenders of the peace.

For this reason I'm quite sure that at least 1% of those who lawfully own firearms in this nation, which means at least one million Americans, take their responsibility to defend life seriously enough, and understand the outrageous and repeated acts of gross negligence by our government well enough, that there's only one way anyone is going to get them to give up their firearms.

You're going to have to murder them all first.

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