So Why Only Here?
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2017-07-16 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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So Why Only Here?
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What the hell is this garbage?

Lawmakers in almost two dozen state capitols are considering ways to bolster consumer privacy protections rolled back with Trump’s signature in April. The proposals being debated from New York to California would limit how AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. use subscribers’ data.

Ok, as far as it goes.

Now why doesn't it apply to companies like Facebook considering they are based in California?

See how simple that was?

As I've pointed out the real problem is out-of-scope data use.  Nobody expects their ISP to track their web surfing and sell it to health insurance companies.  But they might do that.

Ditto on your Facebook views.

Nobody gets all cranked off about advertisers using your preferences to bring you "better ads."

The problem is that "better ads" doesn't mean discriminating for (or against) you in buying health insurance, or rating you when you buy a homeowner's or auto policy, or for that matter screwing you on price based on the fact that you just drove past a WalMart and thus won't duck in and buy whatever it is there instead!

That is where the problem lies.

It's not using collected data for its intended purpose and on the terms you were given and with the choice to not participate.

It's using it for other reasons, including building a detailed dossier on who you are, where you go to church, what your job and income look like, who your friends are, whether you spend an hour a day in a bar and more.  It's the lie that the data collection is not tied to you personally and on an identifiable basis when it very clearly is.  It's the outrageous second-by-second record-keeping that both Android and IOS do with "location" and the sale of that data to anyone who shows up with a wad of money, along with the same collection of said data by mobile phone companies over which you have no control.  In short it's the inability to say no by inherently tying that collection and out-of-scope use to things that have become essential for modern life, such as (for example) Internet access when you have a kid in the house and part of their homework requires access to the Internet, inherent storage and sale of data by cellular and cable providers and more.

Do not be deceived -- these so-called "state actions" are both incomplete and discriminatory.  Proof of this is that California, which is one of the states involved, is not targeting Zucker****er for the very same level of enforcement.

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