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User Info A One-Sentence Bill To Force The Health-Care Issue; entered at 2017-06-27 14:41:38
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I haven't read much of this bill, but I think I understand it will force medicaid onto the states. One would only hope the states would push antitrust against the hospitals.

That said, this idea of Karl's would be about all we would need in a reform bill. They wouldn't even need to repeal Obamacare, except the penalties, only adjust the subsidies for the massive reduction in price.

Everyone should go to and read or listen to Albert Jay Nock's "Out Enemy the State". People will never understand government until they understand that government isn't your friend. There is a hospital in every Congressional district in the United States. Want to bet every Congressman in America isn't on the hospitals payroll in some form? The same holds true for insurance. You can bet SEIU or whatever that union is, doesn't put up big money. All would take a major hit, if we adopted Karl's idea. So would the cost of running for office. Of course, we would hear from all angles about the millions that would die from affordable health care, as the pill pushers own home media.

The $150k snake bite isn't a story. The chiropractor I see, her father was bitten by a copperhead. Bill was $200k. The anti venum is evidently only available on Mars.

When my mother was diagnosed with leukemia, I saw her Medicare bills. For those that have not looked at one, they show the amount billed and the amount paid. There is a wide gulf between some of the charges, like for installing a port to administer drugs. Mom could have paid the cost of treatment at the Medicare price and not suffered much, as she was not poor. The made up price would have been a large setback.

They can spend half a year investigating a made up story about Trump and the Russians hacking the election? We should have an investigation into the medical racket and the buying of Congress. I have a cousin, who lives in Austin and worked for a medical device maker. She was bitching about the NRA lobbying Congress, so I looked up what the NRA spent. Then I looked up the medical industry. One device maker spent something like 5 time what the NRA spent. I never heard another word out of her about the NRA.

I retweeted your link on Twitter. I also copied and pasted another tweet. People are so afraid of paying that they are willing to be looted through the back door. The mafia couldn't have designed a better system of extortion, if you gave them 100 years. We are being robbed at the point of a gun without the robbers facing penalties for the crime. Some people beg for free health care. There isn't any free, as we know and they will get cheap and lousy under socialized medicine. But, under the swamp system, we might only get lousy.

2017-06-27 14:41:38