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User Info It Will Not Stop Until YOU Make It Stop; entered at 2017-06-25 23:07:07
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Dasman, the book 1984 was mighty frightening when I read it in 1967 or '68. The year1984 was more frightening when it came around. The year 2000 was, in many ways, even more frightening, with its offer of Soviet-era nuclear launch sequences happening because the computers monitoring their invocation and release were "gibberish" to those computers, even while I worked 100% of my load to patch the things we "thought" might be problems.

Now I don't know who to trust, or how to trust anyone, especially in my nation's government, and how messed up is that? I just listened to the Kate Bush song, and don't have to wonder too much if it's 1939 (or something else) to which she refers in the first stanza.

Dasman wrote..
or worse... indifferent
And there's the rub. As many have remarked, hatred is not the opposite of love, but indifference is. Is this the marking-stone of our failure? I think that maybe it is... for I do think that I give a damn. I surely hope that I do.
2017-06-25 23:07:07