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User Info It Will Not Stop Until YOU Make It Stop; entered at 2017-06-25 22:20:48
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Registered: 2010-06-27 Lawrence, KS
I have made this statement to a number of folks... ever since the Snowden revelations...

"Data mining and collection of everything an individual does has reached a sufficient enough level... that if you unplugged... ceased interacting with any of your cohorts... and wrote an anonymous piece of content and posted it anonymously online... the hoover vacuum that is NSA/Intel could take that piece of writing... crunch it with some algos and correlation, and probably isolate the author of said piece down to the low single digits of accuracy.

They can likely narrow that content down to you and 2 or 3 other individuals."

I'll admit... when I first said that... I was pulling it out of my a**. But, I felt pretty confident in it's probability. Now... I can say it is likely a near 100% certainty... the only non-trivial problem being if someone has interacted electronically VERY little... which is VERY VERY few adults in America, and most of the rest of the 1st and 2nd, and much of the 3rd world now.

Orwell clearly warned us... and we have waltzed right in, cheek to cheek with our slave masters.

I am reminded of the Kate Bush song, "Heads, we're dancing", and her explanation of that song publicly. When we live like "rubes", we are in a fair way to dance with great evil... and be unaware... or worse... indifferent.

Indifferent... THAT'S what makes me so nuts about the present American polity.


2017-06-25 22:20:48