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User Info It Will Not Stop Until YOU Make It Stop; entered at 2017-06-25 16:36:10
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Gable and Flap... ditto with me, just an old LG Flipper, great phone capability and I do texts once in a while but that is all.

I guess my biggest question is why we/me/all of us must stay in constant communication with the outside world???

I am old enough to remember rotary dial phones, and having only a home telephone. If a person wasn't home to pick up the receiver, you left a message or tried to call back later. Are all phone calls today of some sort of emergency nature? How about more privacy and less of a barrage of outside information, interruptions and communications?

Shut the damn thing off. Leave it at home when you go out for a dinner or movie. Leave it off when you travel except to "check in" once in a while for anything important. No need for Google etc to know where you are all the time. Leave it off while hiking, fishing, hunting, or whatever. If my wife doesn't need me for anything, I leave the phone at home for all local in town travel and my cell phone (Electronic Ankle Bracelet) tells the powers that may be interested that I am merely at home. Spoof Google and anyone who gets data from you... give your smartphone to your wife when she is shopping, or visiting friends, have her leave it in the car. Keep hers at home for you. There are all kinds of intelligent ways to overwhelm Google etc with irrelevant data.

Best thing though... leave it off or home and go out and enjoy life!
2017-06-25 16:36:10