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Can I VPN at the root, so EVERYTHING has to go out over it?
Then I could at least squash the more egregious stuff at my home router.

Yes, for the most part, and I have that set up using StrongSwan (which has source available, so you can check and make sure it isn't "phoning home to mommy" with this or that.)

However, doing so really doesn't help all that much UNLESS you know and map all the places it tries to talk to so you can block them. It's not a trivial task. Advertising blocks (e.g. via a split DNS system) are fairly easy but some of what I've found is hard-coded. Now that means it's also subject to packet filters, but keeping on top of this is a **** TON of work.

Leaving a VPN nailed on your phone can also have two other bad effects - it may disable MMS entirely (it frequently does because then the MMS appears to come from other-than-inside the telcos network, and to prevent spam they block that) and in addition it ALWAYS has a VERY nasty effect on battery life (encryption is not "free" in terms of power consumption by any means!)

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