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User Info It Will Not Stop Until YOU Make It Stop; entered at 2017-06-25 11:52:15
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Embedded non-removeable apps. Verizon and Samsung stuff for me. Microsoft got in trouble for that, seems the same thing could happen to VZ. I'm mighty tired of the bundled IR blaster app on my phone trying to get me to watch American Idol every time I reboot and forget to force-stop it again.

Can I VPN at the root, so EVERYTHING has to go out over it?
Then I could at least squash the more egregious stuff at my home router.

And what happens if Google Maps - or even an app I've electively loaded - can't reach it's own servers on connected WiFi because my router is blocking it? Does it try cellular data instead?

I'm a bit iffy on completely disabling location services in the background without very granular control, because I use location-based reminders quite a lot. "OK Google. When I get to the office, remind me to load plenum cable." But Google knowing my location leads to annoyances other places.

Anecdote: Last week I had a job at a Chipotle in a strip mall. Arrived early, so I ate lunch there (first time, wasn't impressed - it's a Subway for burritos. Guac was good though.). Still early, so I went back to the truck for a half-hour. Swapped my spare battery into my phone while I waited. So now I'm on a clean boot, haven't run Waze or Maps or anything else that should need my location. Location services on though.

Went back in to do the job. I made a couple trips in and out fetching tools, ladders, etc. My phone beeped and booped constantly with Google wanting me to review each and every one of the dozen businesses in that strip. It started with Chipotle, but as I swiped them away, it kept trying businesses farther and farther from my location to get me to interact with it or something.

Then I had to walk to the sprinkler room at the other end of the building (chasing a missing dialtone for a fire alarm). It went through the whole list of shops a second time fishing for reviews.

Annoying. And I've NEVER reviewed a business in the 2.5 years I've had this phone, or the 5 years I've been on this android/google account, you'd think it would give up by now.
2017-06-25 11:52:15