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User Info A One-Sentence Bill To Force The Health-Care Issue; entered at 2017-06-23 12:42:23
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Registered: 2010-12-29 arkansas ozarks
There you go, Karl, nicely done.

When i went on Medicare i was astonished how quickly providers get paid, and how little compared to my prior lush employer's 'self funded' plan.

Yes there's a structure already in place that makes all those paper pushers superfluous.

The insurance/med/pharma complex has captured the legislature though.

How everybody doesn't see that is astounding to me. Paul Krugman has brainwashed the yuppies, they think government is a good thing.

I mentioned it at breakfast on an Amtrak dining car with two other guys, one a financial planner type Krugman fan and the other a businessman. The finance guy was unaware of the term, the businessman explained it to him..

The finance guy recommended i read Krugman, I recommended he read "Leverage" .

2017-06-23 12:42:23