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User Info Product Review: Canon EOS 6M; entered at 2017-05-12 01:50:20
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Registered: 2011-04-08
Good review. I would add that the Sony according to various reviews isn't exactly the most sturdy camera out there.

We went the opposite direction at our house. We've been using DX for some time but I got a steal of a deal on a D700. I'm flat blown away with the shots taken with this "outdated" model. Now I want a large format 4/5 film to shoot nature/landscape.

I thought about buying that same Tamron but I think the 300 2.8 fixed Tamron with a converter might be a better choice. Maybe the APC sensor's 1.6x crop factor might have something to do with your 150-600 problem?
2017-05-12 01:50:20