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User Info The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All; entered at 2017-05-08 12:40:59
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Registered: 2017-05-08
Karl leaves out the single most contentious issue, pre-existing genetic conditions with massive costs. Some severe hemophiliacs use $750,000 of factor per year to keep relatively healthy. Obamacare has made this a major issue and it MUST be addressed. Most solutions proposed build on a convoluted system. I suggest that we simplify by defining the problem by identifying critical nodes and addressing them first. Healthcare today is essentially (not absolutely) a zero-sum game. Prior to Obamacare, a hemophiliac could either join a big enough company with a good group plan or drop into medical indigence and go on Medicaid. As a result, too many productive persons were forced to be dependent on government unnecessarily. That's wasteful. I'll post my idea in a future reply.
2017-05-08 12:40:59