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User Info Product Review: Canon EOS 6M; entered at 2017-05-06 19:57:23
Posts: 158
Registered: 2011-01-08 Florida East Coast
I recently sold my Canon 40D and several L series lenses and bought the Sony A6000. I just got tired of lugging all that gear around. You know the old saying: "F8 and be there"? Well, I got to where I never took my old gear anywhere because of the hassle. I really like the A6000. I can slip it into a pocket of my cargo shorts and always be ready if I see something interesting to shoot.

The A6000 has a small built-in viewfinder but I've found that I rarely use it. I really love the tilting LCD screen. I can set it up on a low tripod and tilt the screen up to compose the shot rather than getting down on my old knee bones.

I looked at the M5 specs but didn't see if it has an intervalometer or if you can install different apps. I downloaded a star trails app and a time lapse app for the A6000. Really cool.
2017-05-06 19:57:23