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User Info Product Review: Canon EOS 6M; entered at 2017-05-06 09:46:21
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Registered: 2007-06-26
No, because the EVF is completely useless to me on all the compact Sony's due to their decision to stick it in the left corner. It's FLATLY UNUSABLE by anyone who is left-eye dominant.

I also REALLY don't like their "base" kit lens and the problem with the Zeiss "upgraded" one (other than the price, which you can mitigate) is that it destroys the "light and small" argument.

This is one place Canon REALLY got it right with the "M" series. While their "M" system lenses aren't "L" class glass by any means, they're very serviceable -- especially the ultra-wide (11-22), which I now have and like a LOT. You give up wide aperture for small, light and reasonable cost with decent optical quality but that's a trade I'll make, and if you do want wid(er) but are willing to do fixed-length and have middling-wide angle the 22 pancake makes for a VERY compact package.
2017-05-06 09:46:21