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User Info The Bad Joke That Trump Is Turning Out To Be; entered at 2017-04-16 16:06:25
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Registered: 2009-01-12 Houston, TX
Its time to just not have a legislative branch, nothing good has come from there in many decades. The entire place is horribly corrupt and compromised. Many members have been demonstrated to be deviants, idiots, and criminals.

Changes to laws should instead be done as Git merge requests. Approval at the House level would be done based on district preference as if it is a Virtual Representative. State legislatures could do the same thing and act as a Virtual Senate vote, Git would even handle reconciliation through merge conflicts. Verified citizens who are registered to vote get accounts.

No committees, no fundraising, full transparency. President approves/rejects the merge to the Master branch. Full deliberative record is preserved in the merge comments, expert witnesses can give testimony by video attachments.
2017-04-16 16:06:25