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User Info The Bad Joke That Trump Is Turning Out To Be; entered at 2017-04-16 11:48:28
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And his group of advisors is starting to look like the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. What the hell happened? Does he actually think that he will get any advice that will support the people in this country from these fools?

There has literally been no rule of law out of the federal government when it comes to the people in power. Obama and his administration looked the other way when Wall Street, the fed and the bankers took over the economy. They ignored insider trading, market manipulation and levied token fines to make it look like their were doing their jobs. When the economy started to roll over 2 years ago, they simply changed the rules how GDP and earnings were calculated so that they could keep the party going. So far under Trump, none of this has changed. He screamed about the market bubble and now is embracing the Fed and their low interest rate policies.
We now watch this Congress that refuses to repeal the ACA without a replacement a pathetic joke. Look at the people that they are protecting.....The deadbeats and the wealthy and powerful. Again the people in the middle get thrown under the bus. How many of millions of jobs went from full-time to part-time due to the rules in the ACA? If repealed, would many of those jobs come back? We won't know until it happens. They never do the math, but only cater to the politics.
We pay the higher rates on the healthcare or on borrowing. We see the real inflation that they completely ignore. Does anyone think that Trump or any of his administration know what cheap hamburger is vs expensive burger? They live in another world and don't have a clue.
I have a relative that runs a $500 million company. We got into a discussion about the ACA a few months back and he actually thought that Obamacare worked just like his corporate insurance and covered people for everything from dollar one. I was shocked that he was so naive about this. This country has become a Caste system and the wealthy really don't have a clue what the rest of the country is going through. When you are working in the real economy, you see it first hand and when you are making your money in the stock market you don't. Your statement goes up every month and that becomes the norm for you. Those of us that must generate business every day to pay the bills don't have this luxury. Somehow we need Trump and the rest of his crew to understand this because we are floundering fast.
The markets are a major bubble and when they do come down, everyone is going to get hurt really bad except for the very rich that have benefited during the past decade. They have pushed this ponzi along for way too long and the pain is going to be unbearable for the people that never got a piece of the paper growth pie. We are so closer to the cliff that most people just don't get it. The explosion is going to be monumental and the people in charge just don't see it.
2017-04-16 11:48:28