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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-03 15:21:18
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"I am curious who came up with this medical billing system - a mobster in the Federal prison system or the mobsters elected to congress?" Vernonb

The Rosenthal NYT article details coding history. Legitimate coding to track disease evolved over time to this:

"Individual doctors have complained bitterly about the increasing complexity of coding and the expensive necessity of hiring their own professional coders and billers or paying a billing consultant. But they have received little support from the medical establishment, which has largely ignored the protests. And perhaps for good reason: The American Medical Association owns the copyright to CPT, the code used by doctors. It publishes coding books and dictionaries. It also creates new codes when doctors want to charge for a new procedure. It levies a licensing fee on billing companies for using CPT codes on bills. Royalties for CPT codes, along with revenues from other products, are the associations biggest single source of income."
2017-04-03 15:21:18