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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-03 14:32:12
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Registered: 2009-06-03 East of Sheol
Keenan posted:
Today's complex medical-billing system, guided by hundreds of pages of procedure codes, allows fraud, abuse and human error to go undetected, Hudson says. Until the fraud is detected in these bills the cost of health care is just going to increase. Its not accidental.

Reminds me of a system of purposefully obscured financial accounting by mobsters where things were encoded - not for efficiency as this medical pile of crap that has been pushed but for obfuscation to prevent fraud detection. Then we have accounting systems where two sets of books are being kept one of the actual record (the physician's notes) and the one being presented (the patient's bill).

Once physicians code directly into this pile of crap without human readable notes it makes fraud detection near impossible. It also makes them ALL physicians complicit in conspiracy.

I am curious who came up with this medical billing system - a mobster in the Federal prison system or the mobsters elected to congress? I see no real difference.
2017-04-03 14:32:12