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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-01 11:31:09
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I've waited for the insurance companies or the feds crack down on this stuff but they haven't. I nievely thought the insurance companies would eventually recognize my and others efficiency on everyone's behalf but it never happened. So like you, I am blessed with a large following of people who see value in the service I deliver.

What led you to believe an insurance company, a REGULATED FIRM with a fixed profit margin (by the regulator) has any interest OR EVER WOULD in seeing costs go down?

If you make 10%, and that's all you can make, then how can you make revenue go up? There's only one way and it's not rocket science.
You are right, I didn't read the whole "bill." But my post was in good faith, attempted constructive criticism, and I kept it to a discussion of the model.

Fair enough, but if you don't read the whole thing including the "why" side then you can't have an informed opinion on what the outcomes would be.

That's kind of like sticking the car on the rack and getting blanket consent, isn't it?

Or, rather like sticking a blanket consent form (with no price!) under a customer's nose AFTER you've given them pharmacologically-active drugs and are about to wheel them into the OR.

Gee, that never happens, right? Oh wait -- it happens EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME in today's hospitals. How do I know? I've SEEN IT when my Mom had surgery a couple of years back and I went absolutely APESHIT as while she's of perfectly-sound mind NORMALLY after you stick an IV full of drugs in her it's an entirely different matter.

Everyone of those people ought to be brought up on charges as such an act is a per-se violation of the customer's rights and is in fact exactly identically ethically AND LEGALLY to stuffing a roofie in a girl's drink and then claiming she consented to sex.

Oh, by the way, it's Karl with a "K", and it's not like every article posted doesn't have a byline with my full name on it. Oh wait, they do.

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2017-04-01 11:31:09