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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-01 11:13:17
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See, medicine isn't an exact science. That's why you call it "practicing" -- which I'm sure you know. Well, you're practicing on me! Since I have to live with both the successes and the fuckups when you practice, and you specifically deny that you can control outcomes then I insist that you provide me with your "best guess" AND the price to fix whatever you find BEFORE YOU DO IT. I also want to know how many times you've done this before and what the outcomes were -- how often were you right, how often wrong, and what sort of success record do you have in correcting it.

Reminds me of one of the few times I've had to be taken into surgery. The administrative paper pushers always seem to show up right after the sodium pentathol injection right before I am being wheeled into surgery to sign "consent" papers.

They wanted to claim it was simply to "give permission" to treat me. I'd already done that when I came to the hospital on my own for a scheduled surgery with my doctor. What these papers did was essentially give them the ability to perform a damned exploratory on me at the doctor's discretion to 'fix' anything else that might be wrong while they were in there. Of course I'd be responsible for any additional costs incurred.

You bring a car into a shop now they are going to only fix something for which you contracted. If they see something else they will call you to advise and get permission if you want it fixed. You will then get a separate quote for that repair.

I had a conniption right there on the gurney. It soon became apparent the barbiturates didn't have enough time to render me into the needed sheep-like stupor. I told her "hell no. You will ONLY treat me for things that were discussed or for items causing my current issues and nothing more." She then wanted to scare me by telling me how much more expensive it would be if they had to open me up again. I told her that it will then be MY decision want it? That's really what they did not like.

I wrote in big letters across all forms you will ONLY treat me for what was originally contracted and scheduled and nothing else. They would then not be able to deny my warning. I also marked out a few lines and initialed. She then got the papers back on my terms. No one at the hospital ever said anything else. I'm sure they knew the consequences if this was to wind up in a courtroom.

I wonder how many people couldn't fight the drugs enough or even care about what they were signing? The fact they would bring such things to a patient after PURPOSEFULLY drugging him IMO makes the entire contract null and void.

This demonstrates the "capture" system and the criminal intent of medicine today!

Then there was the issue of an anesthesiologist wanting to perform a spinal block to deliver more drugs while I would also be under general anesthesia. When I inquired why that was needed they gave the same BS -"well sometimes it is needed to stop pain if the general does not work." Yes I've heard of people being conscious and unable to move while experiencing pain under anesthesia but it is so very rare. This is simply more scare tactics.

I told her I had no problems in the past and saw no advantages - only potential risks as infection and nerve injury to my spine. Of course the forms attempted to excuse them from any liability in the process. The forms essentially reduced me to the status of a lab rat.

The spinal block was not performed and I had no issues with the general anesthesia.

The fact is much of modern 'medicine' does not like an informed patient or anyone that thinks they have the right to control decisions that affect their own body. Nothing strikes more fear in these frauds than patients making their own decisions because in the end it puts an end to the scam.

2017-04-01 11:13:17