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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-31 23:57:51
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Registered: 2016-09-10
I know, I know. It's socialism. But seriously what's not to like?
Yeah, what's not to like about North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba. Life is just so great in those countries, is it not? Yeah, even Sweden, Norway, Canada, Japan...ask yourself why they are trying presently to dump their Communist healthcare systems and return to privatized systems. IT IS BECAUSE THE COMMUNIST SYSTEM HAS BROKE THEM. NO FREAKING MONEY TO SUPPORT IT BECAUSE THERE IS NO MONEY AFTER IT ALL HAS BEEN STOLEN.

What's not to like about England citizens yelling across the pond to us on the internet to "not give up our guns. We made a huge mistake." Communism was supposed to be great.

What's not to like about waiting in line for 6 months to a year for hip replacement surgery or bypass in any Communist run country?

What's not to like about your chances being higher to die than live while waiting in line for a life saving organ transplant surgery or cancer treatment?

What's not to like about death panels in a COMMUNIST SYSTEM ordering doctors to refuse treatment IN YOUR FACE and MURDER YOUR RELATIVE.

You obviously were not taught Colonial history by your COMMUNIST PROFESSORS or whoever you allowed to brainwash you, because if you had, you would know the Colonists tried Communism when they first landed and half died the first year BECAUSE COMMUNISM DOES NOT WORK. Centuries of evidence all around the world prove it, but the 20th Century Communists are better trained and know how to make it work, RIGHT?

If Communism worked, than how come we are knocking at the door of financial ruin?

If COMMUNISM worked, then how come Detroit was destroyed when Democrats implemented it?

If COMMUNISM worked, then how come all cities were Democrats implemented it were destroyed and are BANKRUPT?

Socialism is not Socialism.


Communism DID NOT CREATE the USA, the largest economy in the world. A moral society and a free market created the largest economic engine in the history of the world. Small government and a free capitalistic markets work when COMMUNISTS are kept at bay from bringing their corruption, lawlessness and tyranny.

You want free things? Well then you are free to go. Go to whatever Communist country you want, and dont let the door hit you.

And one last thing, Lets cut the BOOLSHIT. You never agreed with 99% of what Karl said or you would not be suggesting we turn to full blown COMMUNISM. And yes, it's full blown Communism, because COMMUNISTS never stop at just one thing...the 535 TRAITORS in Congress ARE YOUR PROOF.

2017-03-31 23:57:51