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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-31 23:17:14
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Karl wrote..
because at 8% compound growth in cost it has to or the government literally fails to finance itself and collapses.
Which clearly explains why the federal government is looking at the serious possibility of "furlough" based on "sequestration" late in April. Tomorrow is April 1. "Sequestration" is, in fact, the "Law of the Land" (and isn't it "funny" how that term resonates from time to time in certain hearts fond of it for their purposes?).

One guy I know, a GS-14 "General Engineer", is fond of saying that IT'S THE LAW, that the NATIONAL DEBT WILL BE PAID. He's never answered my question, "What happens when the national debt has grown too large ever to be paid?"

Here's what I know. I'm a contractor employee supporting an Army (DoD) program. Today the task order I worked under expired, and one other contractor and I went home on furlough until April 24 (probably). Precisely what happened? Who knows? I expect it was something like my employer (prime contractor) and the other employer (subcontractor) had a perfect TO replacement contract ready more than two weeks ago. Someone in the government imagined a comma was out of place, or someone didn't follow a full stop with two spaces, or some such silliness, and the entire process was sent back "to the very beginning".

Is this going to hurt me? No, it will not. It will not hurt the other guy, either. What? It's going to be a problem that I get to stay home from work for three weeks, and I'm not responsible for the absence? That I can take some naps (I like afternoon naps when the sun is warm and the breeze cool)? That I can go to a buddy's place in the country and blast off a thousand rounds of ammunition on a nice afternoon?

Yeah, THAT is going to hurt me. I don't get paid? Guess what? If government workers have to do a "furlough", they have without exception been paid for all "furlough" periods in my living experience. (This anecdote is based on a former enlisted US Marine, who then got an appointment to West Point, graduated in 1976, and did an Army career, finishing as an O-5; I'll never distrust that man.)

So, I'd guess they won't be hurt in any realistic sense, either. (Sure, they might get another frown line or two from "poor-mouthing" their situation. Wah.)

"These aren't the 'droids you're looking for. There's nothing here to see. Move along."

2017-03-31 23:17:14