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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-31 22:55:49
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Registered: 2011-09-10 Virginia
"The car dealer doesn't know exactly what he faces when the customer comes in with bad brakes either. He prices the procedure at a price that allows him to make money on an average basis. On any particular car he may make more, less or even lose money, but on average he's ok. That's what a flat-rate book does. "Replace rear brakes: $400.""
Two problems with this simile.
1. The human body and it's physiological mechanisms are vastly more complicated than a brake job.
2. As one poster already pointed out sometimes you don't know what you have to fix until you start trying to fix it. Now in a brake job the maximum risk the shop takes is limited to the entire brake system. Say a five to six multiple of the repair cost. In medicine the maximum risk under this scenario is thousands fold for expensive specialty or rehabilitative treatment or even chemotherapy. Basically now the doctor has to take out insurance to cover his downside risk of catastrophic losses, not just malpractice. You are asking the doctors to self insure, but they are doctors not insurance companies. You have now created another insurance product and you still haven't gotten rid of the first one. What if the patient dies during the procedure? Shortly there after? They do. This was not "the expected outcome" but it happens. Are you going to ask the doctor to cover the burial cost? Replacement of lost wages? Your proposal now requires the doctor to take a life insurance policy out on the patient.
I am not a surgeon but I have tremendous respect for what their training, devotion and work entails. Do you want a doctor or a mechanic when you are ill?
Carl's treatise on this issue is the best yet. The healthcare discussion is really one about how to take a service industry that has been granted/earned a level of monopoly and make it competitive when it doesn't want to be competitive. Right now the insurance companies are the levered players not the doctors. If you socialize it, and that's what we are doing now by choking regulation and wealth redistribution in the form of a multi tiered charge structures, you will not have doctors because they wont be able to pay back their $300,000 loans. And it's not just the doctors and the health insurance companies. Americans are over utilizers compared to the rest of the world. We are soft, fat and unhappy. Very complex problem. But if you don't have good doctors you have nothing. Communism proved that.
2017-03-31 22:55:49