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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-31 22:38:14
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Registered: 2017-03-30 Weaverville, CA
I must apologize for dropping the f***bombs this afternoon. They were corrected after releasing my post - and then they reappeared. Now they seem to be everywhere!

Honestly, we will have more credibility in our communications if we keep it clean and insert our ***'s. The potential for getting Karl the wide-scale visibility he has earned diminishes with the lack of personal responsibility on the language front. This site used to be full of it... and somewhere along the line it changed. I don't want to drag us down. Small things matter.

We are a passionate bunch of f***ers! Eh?!


Am completely OFF of the Single Payer bandwagon. Karl's presentation of the numbers/math make it so. No going back.

@JerryDenim. Great story - and your connection to this blog through your Dad. May LOVE Be with You as you honor his memory...and what a great post you gave us that does just that! Your Dad must be proud. Do keep in mind that Karl's math makes a clear case for the sustainability of Social Security (yeah) AND for keeping the promise of Medicare (Parts A and D). The elimination of Part B plus Medicaid seems harsh on the surface but is an important destination. The numbers do not lie. Extremely lower prices for care will change everything. Published prices/price transparency is the key. Providers must step up or they will fail. Choice is the opportunity.

@Spence: Small clinics have a place in the mix. So do alternative providers. Here in rural Northern CA options are limited. People learn to do more with less. If I wanna pay my local cannabis oil supplier for services or head down to UC Davis or SanFran then that is my choice. The power in this Plan is that Consumers rule!

And by the way, the Planned Parenthood model works for dispensing quality healthcare - clinic style - at affordable prices. Made my first visit to PP in the late 70's. Have returned many times since. You get quality care from mostly FEMALE doctors. Imagine getting treated by someone who understands and who specializes in female anatomy. For some of us, that is what really matters. Anyway thought I would throw that one in the mix.

@TickerGuy: great charts.

2017-03-31 22:38:14