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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-31 20:43:40
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Single Payer will not work. Without price transparency and competition Single Payer will simply squeeze the budget until they draw a list of all the things that go wrong with the human body, put a price to treat all of them (of which they'll know item by item since they're paying the whole bill), order them by prevalence (most votes wins, right?) and when the money runs out they draw a line there.

Fall under the line? You're fucked.

Completely, utterly, 100% fucked.

That's what single-payer will do, and the line will move UP every year, because at 8% compound growth in cost it has to or the government literally fails to finance itself and collapses.
2017-03-31 20:43:40