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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-31 20:10:35
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I cut and pasted your list of policy prescriptions into MicroSoft Word and your post was approximately 7500 words and 24 pages long. In the absence of a massive, beastly federal agency created to enforce your manifesto who exactly is going to make the criminal mafia profiteering from our healthcare industry comply with the new law of the land?

There are actually just a handful of bullet points (I counted 17.) The rest of the text is EXPLANATION -- the WHY to go with the WHAT.
I propose something much more simple and likely to succeed instead- Medicare for All, everybody in, nobody out. Seven simple words. The entirety of my idea. Remove the profit motive and remove the temptation for humans to extort plunder when given the opportunity to withhold life saving services. Deliver healthcare to Americans as a basic human right and a public utility like every other civilized nation on earth, fixing the out of control cost problem while providing every man, woman and child with a universal, non-means tested benefit. I know, I know. It's socialism. But seriously what's not to like?

That you can't pay for it.

This is your problem with that idea:


The EXPONENTIAL expansion of expense EVERY YEAR has led to this.


That is all CAUSED by Medicare and Medicaid (first graph.) Every bit of it. That's the math.

That same program you wish to shove everyone into is what's blowing up the government budget and will destroy the finances of the nation. That has to stop yet your "proposal" is to make it incalculably worse.

Try to extend that train wreck to everyone and the entire government comes down. Do nothing and leave the system as it is and it comes down in 5 to 10 years. Try "Medicare for everyone" as you propose and my best guess is that it'll be about 3 years.

Then you'll get nothing. Or worse, the people who really need it will get nothing. Millions will die, and most of them will die horribly.

And if the nation fractures over it? You'll probably die; if not from the lack of health care, from your neighbor who decides to eat you.

Yes, it's that serious, yes, this is that real, and yes, this is where the current system -- driven by Medicare and Medicaid at a federal budget level -- is going.

Adding to that isn't political suicide it's LITERAL suicide.

This isn't ideology or politics.

It's MATH.

PS: NHS in England (socialist) is in serious financial trouble. So are the others. In addition, if you want to know how they've gotten away with it until now you need only contemplate drugs like Sovaldi that are 200-1,000% more expensive here than there. Level price enforcement, which is one of my bullet points, will instantaneously blow up their little socialist game -- which has only been able to "work" as long as it has because we in the USA have been paying their bill. Socialism is especially nice when you shove the cost off on someone who doesn't live in your country. It fails miserably when that blows up in your face. Go ask the USSR about how it all worked out for them.

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2017-03-31 20:10:35