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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-30 16:48:55
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One item that isn't addressed above, but is actually fits in very well, is charity. Because all bills that are not paid go to US treasury it offers an opportunity for others to contribute on a volunteer basis toward the medical care of somebody who cannot afford it. This could be done on an individual basis, or some sort of aggregate basis (either in whole, or a specific area like cancer treatment). Bills would be categorized on key fields and as contributions came in they would be paid/reduced accordingly.

These could be made to be tax deductible contributions as long as there is no relationship between parties. The increase in 'collections' would outweigh the income tax decreases.

That certainly could be done, yes.

I don't know how necessary it really is. What I do know is that if we're going to have an "entitlement" then it ought to be recoverable if your situation changes for the better. There were plenty of six-figure earning years in my past, and I've also had some FOUR figure earning years. Well, some of those were when I was young, and if I had gotten sick I had exactly ZIPPO to pay with.

So if I had gotten Medicaid and "fixed", should I not pay that back when I can? You bet. HOWEVER, only if the amount is reasonable -- allowing people to screw you up the ass for arbitrary, price-fixed amounts will lead to a VERY different outcome. If I was to get raped like THAT I'd be inclined to HUNT the doctors and hospital administrators responsible since my life would be ruined financially anyway -- so why not MAKE THEM PAY as well?

You don't want that to happen, and if the charges are REASONABLE it won't. Further, if you remain broke then it's no different than what we have now.

The point is that a fair percentage of people are broke at some point in their life and need help, but a decent percentage of those individuals get out of poverty somewhere down the road
2017-03-30 16:48:55