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User Info Time To Wake Up; entered at 2017-03-20 21:13:58
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Start in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors well enough and you can talk with them about critical issues such as this. Our host has provided the materials in the Tickers mentioned in this post. Use the ideas but make the words your own, to create your own presentation to persuade others to action.

Once you get one or two people sufficiently convinced that they will advocate for it just as you did, then you can start planning group action. It's a process of building relationships, one convincing just two more, then combining efforts for common purpose.

I've also put a couple of the local talk radio hosts onto Karl's thinking and they've been intrigued enough to have him on air to present his arguments on their call in programs. As you may have seen, our host is quite effective in articulating his thinking and these two radio talkers have had him on multiple occasions. Another way to open up minds to the logic of the message.
2017-03-20 21:13:58