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User Info Basic Skills: Without Them, You're Broke(r); entered at 2017-03-19 20:19:26
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Registered: 2008-12-17 ga 2000 mazda pickup I've had since new has been acting up while during idle.. been chasing it down. I did a compression when it all started up (had a cyl 2 misfire code) was started chasing spark, fuel and vacuum after. anyhow the throwing code stopped but idle still sucked...decided to start over and this time cyl 2 compression is 90 to the rest having 155-160. Cylinder head, gaskets, head bolts etc ordered.

DIY about $600-700 when done..take a shop and I would be looking at a couple grand.

Being Canadian we stop fixing mechanical issues when the rust is just too bad, frame fails etc.. living in Georgia I really don't know when to stop fixing because it sure isn't rusting.

490k on the truck..LOL It's like a pair of old comfy jeans
2017-03-19 20:19:26