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User Info Ten...; entered at 2017-03-17 15:26:26
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Karl and anyone else who's interested, I know this is a perhaps difficult question to answer, but just wondering how you think we'll see and/or feel the coming depression...

Will it look like the photos we've seen from the 1930s? Will it be worse than the 1930s? My initial guess is that it will be less severe but more drawn out like Japan's lost two decades...

Will there be lots of looting and starvation and individual rationing/saving?

And how do you think it may compare to other nation's fiscal crises we've seen in the past? Again, my guess is it won't be like Germany's Weimar Republic's but rather more like Japan's...

Anyway, just a thought exercise for anyone who wants to enjoy their popcorn...
2017-03-17 15:26:26