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User Info Trump: Yeah, I Mean It; entered at 2017-03-17 13:35:16
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Drain the Swamp. Trump isn't Hitler. He is a business man, not a politician. At 70 years old, he has little capacity to look at a budget through the eyes of a politician, because his mind isn't built that way. Look at his cabinet. Mainly business, like the State Department and Commerce.

The US government is built around defense, medical system, education, regulations to restrict trade and banking. These functions involve a well paid bureaucracy and plums for select businesses and individuals. Leftists live in universities and leftists in government (they don't preach conservatism in government connected education, thus people in government are educated leftists) feed the intellectuals in education.

The plum of socialism is the control of health and food. That was and is the purpose of the FDA. The department of education is to create boxes of rocks, instead of bright minds. I heard that the LA school system produced 29% competency in math, with black students reaching a mighty 18%. My guess is competency is around a high level 6th grade student. This is a level most Americans reached without going to school. I doubt many can read at a higher level, so the leftist idiots on TV rule the information in most areas.

It is said Trump got a head start. Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't hard to believe someone in Trump's business could go broke with a multimillion dollar head start. He thought he was rich once and found himself on the ropes. Many of these tech billionaires and those on Wall Street can't relate to the well collapsing. They have shifted the risk to others, through selling it to others

This is what government has evolved to, grabbing the money and shifting the cost to others. This is what all this orchestrated protest is about, not immigration. That is a leftist stage show or a plot to bring down the west and ensure they can spy on us.

Obamacare was a big **** you to the working Americans in the middle-class. It was chiseled in stone with the 60 votes needed to repeal. How did they overthrow the constitution? We don't see Trump's plan, because of a couple of factors. One being, what I just wrote, as the Democrats are married to the current plan and 80% of elected politicians in DC are put there for the sole purpose of stealing from the masses and restricting competition for the few. The only way we get rid of the mess is to follow the 5th amendment in its original meaning and enforce the takings clause when it comes to socialism. Get the federal government out of welfare.

The Deep State is comprised of the bureaucracy, the spy agencies, K Street, the drug companies, the education *****s and the financial services businesses. Banking and drugs has been involved in the Federal Government from the start. The American flag is a modified version of the flag of the British East India Company, a dealer in arms and opium. Coincidence? Maybe, but it would be a big reach.

How large are entitlements? The typical social security benefit is between $12k and $15k per year. We are talking about $200k annuity, actually paid as we go, as the money has been spent. My guess is it is paid to about 45 million people, thus we are looking at around $600 billion annually. That leaves around $3.5 trillion for other things. Another $600 billion goes to debt interest, a figure that could rapidly go to $1 trillion or more, as the legitimate interest rate should be around 5%. In either case, we are still looking at a pool of spending in the amount of $10k per capita remaining. In another angle, employment being around 150 million, close to $20k per job, after taking out the retirement side of social security and interest on the debt. These are not small potatoes. Half the jobs in the US pay $30k or less, so we must look at the remaining federal budget wiping out the entire earnings of the bottom half of the working population and more. I'm making a decent living and my taxes don't pay my share and neither do I wish to do so.

You can give 10 million people $30k a year for $300 billion. 100 million the same for $3 trillion, a figure that isn't much more than the retirement side of social security and the interest. These figures should raise some questions as to what is going on in DC. It is an organized crime syndicate that is likely benefitting a large share of the top 10%. Being that you bankrupt the portion of the top 10% that isn't heavily at the trough for Federal money, if you tax them, to pay for this theft, we are left without any solution with the status quo.

I must also add the truest fact, which is that taxes are always borne by the middle class. Business is nothing more than a transferee. Inflation is used to hide this fact. It comes out of our pockets somewhere, as nothing can be paid later that isn't paid in the first place.

To the subject. My brother and I are going to OKC again. Bill had a hernia repaired there last year and has one on the other side. I have my own problems. He related to me last night the last surgery cost him $3060, including examinations. The cheapest bid he could get for the operating room here was $6000. Nothing else included and who knows what else they would put on the bill. You can bet the other charges would be a repeat of the operating room, thus we are talking 3 to 4 times the cost, cash.

Why? Because we live in a system where the majority are not required to deal with direct costs, which are hidden behind the insurance system. The consumer pay for insurance to limit his costs, then pays more in deductibles on this procedure than it costs to get it done. Do you think for one minute the operating room would cost double the entire procedure, if the consumer knew he had to pay? No, the facility that quoted the best price in this instance, would be out of business, if they had to live with that price with competition.

One thing OKC showed me was how simple most minor procedures are. The surgeon is skilled. The anesthesiologist is skilled. They revive you and you go home. Though the surgeon needs the skill and knowledge, the procedures are most likely not that much harder than changing the spark plugs in some cars.

I described the government racket, because medicine is a big part of the racket. Education is a big part of the racket, as it is used to restrict the supply of competent personnel. The FDA is a big part of the racket, as is the US patent office, which shouldn't allow some of the bull**** that goes on in the drug industry. Congress and typically the President are the biggest part. We have Trump, who, no matter what you think of him, is probably our one big chance to change the system.

Remember, we had the choices of Bush I & 2, McCain, Dole and Romney, on the Republican side and the 2 Clintons, Gore, Kerry and Obama one the Democratic side for the previous 7 elections. Compared to Trump, these people are all minnows. They are on the ticket, because they represent business as usual and their policies presented in government are really nothing but social engineering. Brainwashing is a better term. We have a guy who stands up and says, **** this bull**** and let's get down to business.

You think Trump cares about his insurance plan? He goes in and writes a check, which means he sees the bill. Worrying about this kind of benefit is beyond a billionaire, a waste of time and money. I doubt he has had coverage, as the time involved would cost him more than the bill. He made $250 million in 2005, meaning a day of his time is worth a million dollars when you take out weekends. Think he does not notice a hospital room costs as much as his top hotel rooms?

Then we have Congress and the bureaucracy. Think they even see a medical bill? They can't relate. We drive used Pintos. They ride in chauffeur driven limos. But, they can relate, if they had to pay.
2017-03-17 13:35:16