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I like these two answers which, to me are the same.

"I think he was referring to the "Ten Things" ticker. In other words, your time is almost up and you should have your house in order...."

10 weeks until .gov runs out of cash. From ZH article.

"On 15th March, the US Treasury will hold roughly $200 billion and will be unable to borrow more. When that $200 billion runs out, thats it. Although this amount may sound sizeable, the US government spends roughly $75 billion per month, which means that it is due to hit the wall around the first of June."

So, we might have the mother of all debt ceiling showdowns or, US Gov might have to pay a higher interest rate than anticipated. My first thought is that a higher than anticipated interest rate would signal the beginning of the end much more than a debt ceiling showdown.

2017-03-17 10:20:32