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User Info Trump: Yeah, I Mean It; entered at 2017-03-16 22:31:04
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An uncomplicated vaginal birth hasn't changed materially in a hell of a long time. If you take the actual charge (I have several bills from this timeframe) from the 1960s and inflate them by the CPI-U you wind up with about $1,000.

I was born at home in the 60s and was essentially delivered by my maternal grandmother who was a midwife. The country doctor performed a spinal tap for my mom, put silver nitrate drops into my eyes, provided some post natal services for my mom, and filled out the documentation for the state.

Total cost in a rural area of South Carolina in 1962 - $20.00. (twenty dollars).

Not much has changed with who is doing the real work. What has been added are the middle pig men waiting to literally get their cut of blood money at the moment of birth. Many have made it sound like a form of child abuse in this country with propaganda if a kid is not born in a hospital? They have played the fear factor one again to drive profits.

Obviously if the mother or child is a known high risk it is one thing to need such services but trying to extrapolate such services to every mother and child ("just in case") is intentional theft. It is also been billed as "social equity" in many circles. You are free to do as you want with expenses IMO as long as your actions have no consequences on others. But we no longer have that.

More kids are born outside a hospital on this planet than in hospitals. Nothing like a captive audience for pig men in the medical system.

2017-03-16 22:31:04