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User Info Trump: Yeah, I Mean It; entered at 2017-03-16 13:18:31
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I am 50. Last year I had my first colonoscopy. My doctors office set it up for me. I got a call from the hospital to set up the appt. I asked how much would the procedure cost. She said nothing, as I had met my deductible, $6,500 (wife had shoulder sx) for the year. I asked again how much it would cost. She said she really didnt know, but I would not have to pay anything. I went ahead and had the procedure. A few weeks later I got a bill from the hospital for $430 for a portion the insurance did not cover. The total bill was $5400! I called billing and they said they were sorry but I needed to contact BCBS. I got the run around for several months from BCBS. "We are looking in to it, we will get back to you". I started getting collection letters from the hospital. Here in SC, the hospital can garnish your tax return for unpaid bills!

I told them I wasn't paying and that I would spend far more than $430 fighting it to prove a point. I contacted the SC Insurance commission and filed a detailed complaint. Within 24 hours I had BCBS blowing my phone up trying to apologize for the error. They would cover all the costs and gave me a direct phone number and contact person if I had any more problems.

Being an Orthodontist, I deal with insurance every day and we keep very good records/notes on all conversations with insurance companies. We have called them out several times. They are scum. Most people do not have the resources or knowledge to know how to fight back and would either pay the $430 or get their tax return garnished. It is beyond sickening. It is pure theft and borderline slavery.

I have contacted my state representative several times about healthcare and working on it from the cost side and not the insurance side. All I get is canned responses. I wouldn't be surprised if the hospital system donates to his campaigns.
2017-03-16 13:18:31