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User Info Wikileaks CIA Dump: What Does It Mean?; entered at 2017-03-14 11:36:54
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For some reason I'm thinking 'HappyTrails' should be the only person responding to this thread ;->

I remember when I had a bread route and they gave me a 'beeper'. Those jerks called me at MIDNIGHT on New Years Eve saying 'we need bread!' for our Krystal burgers and I said, 'wait, I'm not getting paid like a doctor why do I have this beeper thing?'

Hell, I've had a 'smart phone' for 5 years or so and it's not even really smart as with my pre-paid plan all it can do is receive (not send) texts.

I'm probably still at risk even though it's never been connected to wifi (without a data plan).

So now I'm about to do a 180 and buy a real smart phone and connect it to my new 'smart car' and well... I guess I took the plunge... crap.
2017-03-14 11:36:54