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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-13 20:08:15
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latest rant on health care:
Bum knee from overweight and fun living.

Rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon recommend MRI for suspected soft tissue damage.

Denied by Aetna. 6 weeks PT prescribed by a doctor in another state who is a contractor to Aetna. Other options I have been doing or had done.

Called imaging ctr where appt. was set up then cancelled. Asked for cash price.
Long wait. Quoted $5230 for right knee MRI.

Asked what they would bill my (now disclosed) ins. co.
Was told $5400.

I said wow, so I am on the hook for my whole $2000 deductible?
No, she said, the negotiated price for the MRI with Aetna was $973. The hospital would "adjust the rest". As Karl has said, ONE FIFTH.

I told here these were very interesting numbers as that while I was talking to her I got quote for round trip to Tokyo from my local airport for $1000, and a quote for a $200 MRI in Tokyo. WTF?

Will call tomorrow and ask why I can't get a $973 estimate and submit that amount to Aetna on a form. Bet she wont answer.

Wonder if HCA et. al. get some kind of accounting angle on the "write offs"?
Carry forwards forever?

Think this is illegal under Va. state law and 15USC.

Tight lines every body, spring is close!

2017-03-13 20:08:15