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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-06 10:17:18
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Vernob said,
We'd also have to make sure the cost of such drugs could not be deducted from taxes or the scam will find another way to pass the costs to the people.

Well, watching one of the talk shows (I think it was Sat morning, but maybe Sun), it sure sounds like the Repugs are trying to make their New & Improved plan a Tax Credit - along the lines of the UNEarned Income Tax Credit.

And for the rest of their "replacement" of Obamacare - sure sounds like they are just going to Double Down on Stupid. No real fix. Just keep the worst and most expensive parts of it - but pretend to give a choice on where you can buy. Not what really needs to be done, as Gen has pointed out, go after the medical establishment for collusion and price fixing.

Soooo, FY AmeriKa!
2017-03-06 10:17:18