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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-04 15:38:39
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Analog wrote..
It's cumulative eh ?

I guess i'll find out if it's reversible.

Both my Walmart machine A1C's read 6.4 Will try another this summer.

I think you'll be amazed how quickly your body will respond to a low carb diet, particularly if you complement it with intermittent fasting. I actually believe that intermittent fasting is more effective for curing insulin resistance for a couple of reasons:

1. When you don't eat anything your insulin levels plummet, even more than they do with low carb. All foods (even fat to a very small degree) will provoke an insulin response. No food means no insulin and it's in that state where your body regains its sensitivity.

2. Some wonderful things happen hormonally when you're in a fasted state. Insulin goes down, leptin resistance abates, growth hormone is increased and cortisol production decreases - all of these are positives. Also the process of cellular repair (called autophagy) begins when you fast. Eating actually switches of the autophagy process.

Fasting does not need to be for a prolonged period. My current regime is to eat a late breakfast and an early dinner, I'm never hungry for lunch. This gives me a roughly 15 hour fast every day with a 9 hour eating window. And I'm asleep for most of it so it's not difficult at all to adhere to.

So give fasting a try. I really believe it's more effective for regaining insulin sensitivity than even low carb but when you combine the two techniques I'd bet your results will be spectacular.
2017-03-04 15:38:39