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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-03 13:35:06
Posts: 96
Registered: 2009-08-10 Bay City, MI
Diet companies are a scam.

Yep, don't need WW, Nutrisystem, Fatburners, etc etc etc. People really don't get it, they still think I'm "sick" from the weight loss. I feel great...

I dropped about 55 lbs last year and my weight is staying within a pound or so (170) on HFLCMP lifestyle. My last A1c late last year was 5.1

Will be doing another A1c here shortly, but I don't expect it to be much different.

Thanks again Karl, for all your tickers, I do appreciate them.

I have also come to the conclusion that Trump is just another blow-hard. Just enjoying the time we do have left as much as possible.
2017-03-03 13:35:06