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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-03 13:24:43
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"Diet companies are a scam."

Indeed. A few years ago my doctor sent me to TWO different hospital weight loss programs in succession.
One offer a complex diet for which many of the ingredients were used for one meal and then wasted since you could not buy them in small quantities. They would go bad before the cycle of meals repeated. Besides being expensive and wasteful it emphasized lots or "Healthy Whole Grain".
The other program offered a powder to mix with skimmed milk that was horrible, left you starved feeling and gave you terminal flatulence.

The really nasty part was that if you followed their program EXACTLY and didn't lose any weight these over paid jackasses would sneer at you, look down their noses at you and call you a liar by declaring - "If you follow the program, you WILL lose weight."
2017-03-03 13:24:43