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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-03 10:51:04
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Trump just ran this same ****, by the way, in his speech with his "example" of the dude who "found" a way to treat a crazy-rare disease. WHAT HE LEFT OUT WAS THE COST AND WHO IS GOING TO PAY IT.

My EXACT thoughts as he was saying it.

I had been holding out hope that he might ACUTALLY be different. But have slowly come around to the conclusion that there won't actually be much real change - and in fact - there may well be a doubling down on some of the worst aspects of both the Bush AND Obama admins.

Gen has been out ahead of this and called it all along. I in no way ignored Gen's warnings on the flip-flops - as I could see them myself as well. I was just hoping that Trump was 'playing politics' and trolling the opposition (Dems, lefties, RINOs, Progs) on some of the issues so as to come along later to actually implement the real needed changes. You know, ask for 1,000 when all you really want or need is 350 . . . .

But as the weeks wind on, it is becoming very apparent that this is not likely to happen. I was dismayed during his SotU speech with his rah rahing, waving the flag, making grandiose pledges - but providing no real path forward. More of the same. Spend Spend, Borrow Borrow, Spend some More! Rah Rah!!!!

One thing that really disturbed me during the speech was his 'Mussoliniesque' upward nose sniffs after making one of his applause lines and then scanning the gallery waiting for the clapping to subside. It really turned me off . . . Apparently I'm not the only one who picked up on it :
(yeah, the pic is not from the SotU, but makes the point, as it is a habit of his when speaking)

And no, I'm not calling Trump a dictator or equating his politics, policies or admin to Mussolini's. There are the same memes about Obama out there also:

It was just a visual thing that really irked me. . . . especially since Obama did it quite often as well.

Am I glad that Illary is not the one who made the SotU speech??? Sure. Absolutely. Would I have preferred any of the other gaggle of Rs vying for the nomination during the primaries? No - not really. Some, REALLY not.

But where does that leave us / me? Don't know. Very disappointed at least. I don't feel deceived - as I knew things could (would ?) change after he got into office. Do I hope things might get better? Yeah. Do I expect him to do the RIGHT / CORRECT things to really turn the country around? Not anymore . . . . Not after he has spent the last month proving otherwise. Do I regret voting for him? Absolutely not. It could have been MUCH worse with the alternative . . .

Just gonna keep my head down, try to enjoy my off hours as much as I can. Maybe do some longer motorcycle trips to see more of what was once a truly great country (avoiding the liberal bastions on the SW and NE coasts . . .)

Apologies for the rant. It just started flowing out.
2017-03-03 10:51:04