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I got a guy who registered and sent a long PM to me about how "Type 1" has to be an exception -- because he, allegedly, is.

He then described how he eats and if you didn't read it carefully you might think he's doing basically what I've talked about here in these pages. But when you read it carefully you find out that (1) there's a lot of excess protein in there on a ratio basis (a crazy amount, in fact) and (2) he's wildly under metabolic requirements on total calories.

If I had been sent nothing other than his diet -- nothing on his metabolic conditions, etc -- my immediate reaction would be "Are you trying to commit suicide?" Why? Because excess protein turns into glucose in the body and worse, if you are ALSO calorically restrictive (under base metabolic demand) you will find out the hard way what the Lewis and Clark folks found out when they tried that exact path by eating mostly rabbits, which have a lot of protein and damn near zero fat. Those folks got REAL sick because their body basically ate itself and the excess protein made it worse. Either is bad enough but both caloric restriction AND high protein is a good recipe to really screw yourself HARD.

Of course the truth can't be that he's eating 600 kcal/day on a sustained, years-long basis. He'd have been dead of starvation (probably heart failure-induced from the consumption of his own muscle tissue) long ago. This means that his claim of what he eats is a lie since the rough base metabolic demand for an adult is ~1200 kcal/day -- or double what he claims to be eating.

Oh, and whatever he's actually doing hasn't worked out for him -- at all. It looked like it was, sort of, for a good long while and then it all went to ****, but if you read his screed carefully you'll discern that he had plenty of warning and ignored it. And this of course leads him to scream that "Type 1 is different you jackass!" Well, no, you haven't proved that. You haven't even proved you have a unique metabolic requirement. All you proved is that you had a bad outcome from YOUR specific, personal set of choices which even today you won't admit to honestly but you haven't established why it didn't work out -- and of course this same guy IGNORES the fact that my proposal has a perfect allowance for the "one in a million" guy who REALLY IS different metabolically but requires anyone who makes that claim to prove it under objective test while eating LCHFMP with sufficient total calories to meet metabolic demand.

This, of course, is too much of an ask for him and two cut off legs later, which is a blatant attempt to get sympathy for his terrible personal tribulation, forms the basis for a demand to spend $200 billion+ a year to assuage a personal poor outcome which might be due to bad personal CHOICES.

The truth is that such a story does not lead to any such thing. In fact such an raw attempt to play to emotion deserves a ban hammer and, one can argue, A PRISON SENTENCE because it really isn't much more than a thinly-veiled attempt at EXTORTION.

Trump just ran this same ****, by the way, in his speech with his "example" of the dude who "found" a way to treat a crazy-rare disease. WHAT HE LEFT OUT WAS THE COST AND WHO IS GOING TO PAY IT.

On purpose, of course, which is why I say **** TRUMP, **** PENCE, and **** everyone else who tries to run that same ****.

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2017-03-03 08:09:54