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User Info The Low-Hanging Fruit; entered at 2017-03-02 13:26:45
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Sending people to Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or the other similar companies is like sending them to crack paradise. These companies continually push the myth of fat makes you fat and the foods they endorse are carbohydrate intense. Go look in your grocer's freezer section.

Karl's thinking shouldn't apply to diabetics but to any disease that can be managed by diet or is under the patient's control w/o drugs or procedures. I know for a fact the current trend in Type II is that many of these people think they can eat what they want and then let the insulin fix the issues.

My dad died at 52 due heart complications and diabetes. Like his mother before him he was on insulin but refused to regulate his carbohydrate intake. But the medical establishment also tried to starve him of animal fats, eggs, and other things he enjoyed. My dad was not seriously overweight btw.

Personally I think many people are purposefully trying to commit slow suicide and their revenge is to financially ruin the society that is footing the bill to keep them alive. Others don't simply care who they hurt as it is all about 'me' and my 'entitlement'. How many use their condition as a source of attention to play upon the Munchausen syndrome like sympathies? Yes they have a metabolic condition. But the condition can be regulated to stop the 'disease'. All these people talk about in conversations is their health problems.

It makes no sense to invest resources into a person to keep them alive and functioning if that person is always trying to find to ways to kill or incapacitate themselves. As one professor I used to work with would often say... "it's all poison. You just need it in the right amount to get the job done."

Of course there is option 3 .... staple the pie hole shut. smiley I'm sure the secondary benefits would soon be more forthcoming.
2017-03-02 13:26:45