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User Info Told 'Ya So (Remittances); entered at 2016-04-05 16:42:12
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In addition to those businesses that "employ" illegals, I would also suggest fining individuals that hire illegals in order to, for example, perform work in and around their homes, without first reasonably establishing and verifying that such individuals are authorized to work in their respective states and in the US as a whole. Perhaps a bounty could be awarded as well.

The reason for this is that, for example, where I live outside of our nation's capital, regardless of whether they self-identify as Democrats, Republicans, or Conservatives, most of my neighbors have absolutely no qualms with hiring illegals. These illegals do not work for American employers, but operate their own small businesses off the books doing any and all of housecleaning, yard maintenance, home maintenance, construction and remodeling work, etc. - just about anything one could think of. Need a tree taken down? Don't call the arborist or the accredited tree service, Miguel will climb up there with his chain saw, do it for $200, and even take out the stump. Need your yard weeded/mulched? Don't call the legitimate lawn service, Jose will do it all for $250. Need help moving? Just hire a few guys standing outside of home depot - who cares if they see all of the **** you own and also know where you live.

IN any event, one would think that given that 95% of my neighborhood is comprised of active/retired government workers (current/former members of government unions) or active/retired military, that each of my neighbors would be patriotic, rule of law types vehemently against the hiring of illegals, but alas, the truth is far from the case - they hire them wherever and whenever they can!

It is only us - the only people in our neighborhood that work solely in the private sector, who refuse to hire the illegals.

So, the way I see if, the problem is not just "the employers," but is more appropriately in the collective mirror of the American people.

Stop hiring them and they will return

2016-04-05 16:42:12